What This Is

  • UPDATED!!!! See next slide
  • This is a presentation made with the OPML Editor/Server combo
  • It should be creating great looking presentations in HTML

Did it work?

  • Why Yes it did!
  • But only after I figured out that the Amazon AMI Virgin install includes a link to the 'standard templates.
  • The address of the url is found at: @config.worldOutline.prefs.templatePaths.path001
  • It's value (the url ) is:
  • http://static.reallysimple.org/worldoutline/dave/2012/04/30/archive099.opml

How to configure your non-virgin server

  • You probably have a 'Templates' root on your roots page if you have this problem
  • So open that root
  • Then use the File-->Open URL and open the special URL
  • Copy the 'presentation node over to your Templates outline and save